• IC Wafer Recovery
  • IC Wafer Recovery
  • IC Wafer Recovery

IC Wafer Recovery

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Company: Suzhou Bocai E-energy Co., Ltd

Keywords: IC Wafer Recovery      used chips      semiconductor wafer
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Semiconductor Silicon Chip recovery.
  • Polished Wwafer sales and recovery.
  • Lithography Chip recovery.
  • Circuit chip recovery.
  • Test Chip recovery.

Product Details

We do resource recovery of IC wafer (Semiconductor Silicon Chip、Wafer、Lithography Chip、Circuit chip、Test Chip etc.

Polished IC wafer sales and recovery.

You can buy samples in advance to confirm the size and quality by TT.

We do recycling and reusing various specification used semiconductor chips and wafers..

All the contact informations you can find from the web: www.bocai-energy.com 

E-mail address: jordan@bocai-energy.com


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